Daniel Pavon Cuellar
Daniel Pavon Cuellar Born July 1, 1967 in Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico City. Known as Artist Dapacu[1] living in Austin Texas.
Known for: Multidimensional Art, Miniature Living Forests, Living Walls, Planet Austin, The Multidimensional Art House and Photography.
Daniel Pavon Cuellar [2] is a Texas[3] Artist, Muralist, Photographer and Creator of Natural Projects.
Multidimensional Art
The Multidimensional Art has several points of escape to create multiple dimensions, made in some cases with reflections and optical illusions with effects of stereogram's added, all handmade.
The paintings dimensions may change with the angle and lights, by the texture, material or relief added by the artist.
The Multidimensional Art of Daniel Pavon Cuellar has several levels[4] or degrees: Level one been the easiest to discover the content, and level ten the highest and most complex but, also more rewarding by the extensive images and dimensions found.
Daniel Pavon Cuellar is an expert on details. Several videos [5] exist on the web, as well as zooms[6]; to appreciate closer the paintings and the effects they produce.
The basic instructions on how to see [7] Daniel Pavon Cuellar masterpieces: See the painting at a distance you will see the most, observe for a few minutes and find the patterns; close one eye and observe with the other eye only. On the newer paintings of the Artist, you may find "Paths" at the bottom of the painting for you to follow and discover the secrets each painting may offer.
File:The Multidimensional Art by Daniel Pavon Cuellar.jpg
Miniature Living Forest
Daniel Pavon Cuellar collected bonsai trees, in the late 90's, the artist painted " The Last Forest" a painting which had a woman observing a forest inside a bottle. Today Daniel Pavon Cuellar creates Miniature Forests[8] with thousands of living trees per square yard and also living forests in bottles.
Currently the Artist has a project[9] in Austin Texas for Miniature Forests planted directly into the soil on a large parcel of Land.
File:The Miniature Forests by Daniel Pavon Cuellar.jpg
Living Walls
Daniel Pavon Cuellar has created Living walls made either in acrylic or glass; sealed walls with forests, flowers or mixed vegetation inside. The advantage of these walls are the beauty, the changing stages, safety by no need of pesticides nor fertilizers and work as insulation as well.
The walls are 100% care free and do not require any watering.
File:The Living Walls by Daniel Pavon Cuellar.jpg
The ecospheres by Daniel Pavon Cuellar are miniature living forests with several species of moss and require minimum care, such as trimming the trees as desired.
Daniel Pavon Cuellar creates the size and shape as desired.
The ecospheres create miniature landscapes with miniature figurines to create a better perspective and provide the opportunity for those who do not have a garden and like plants; to have their own Mini garden.
File:The Ecospheres of Daniel Pavon Cuellar.jpg
Planet Austin 1994-1999 AUSTIN TEXAS
Daniel Pavon Cuellar owner manager of Planet Austin on famous Sixth Street in Austin Texas. The place was located at 505 E Sixth Street of nearly 5000 sq ft of space. Opened on 1994 and was unique of its kind, by been a Dance club where customers could purchase 3D glasses at the door and see the whole place in 3D, even the floors.
The place had a cave on the back, handmade by Daniel Pavon Cuellar through hand poored concrete. The cave itself toook 9 months to built, had a waterfall and seat only 12 people.
The Multidimensional Art House
The Multidimensional Art House[10] Former Homestead of the Artist Daniel Pavon Cuellar.
The home was purchased on 1997 by the Artist. It took 7 years to fully painted with murals, even floors, restrooms, garage and ceilings. Each room with different colors based on Feng Shui.
The home under UV Light will change all murals to landscapes and could also be seen in 3D with special 3D glasses.
The garden in nearly one third of an acre was fully landscaped with hundreds of trees planted and shaped by the artist. The trees and shrubs were planted to give flowers year round and for color changing of leaves during fall, such as Japanese Maples.
With the same technique as Planet Austin Cave, the artist build several waterfalls throughout the garden with hand poor concrete over mesh, some as tall as 10 feet tall.
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